Mission & Vision


We are here to revolutionize the laundry experience in Egypt, and lead the market with exceptional Efficiency and Convenience.


To be the Number 1 recommended Laundry Service in the Middle East and Africa


Integrity: Honoring our commitments, whether verbal or written, in all dealings with our customers and suppliers.

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How it works

Download App & Create Account

  • Download Laundry Locker application from google play or apple store
  • Sign up and create an account for free
  • Call us to activate your account

Set Preferences

Choose your desired laundry preferences whether Folded or Hanged.

Request Pick-Up

  • Enter your laundry items
  • Choose delivery option (personal - locker)
  • Choose pick up time and delivery times
  • Add your comments if any

We Process your Laundry

  • Using the latest technologies
  • Using top of the line detergents and solvents


  • Track your laundry cycle through the application
  • We deliver your laundry at your preferred time

Our Pricing

Item Cleaning (Dry Clean or Laundry) Pressing Only      
Shirt 5 9
Blouse 5 9
Silk Blouse – Shirt 7 11
T-shirt 5 9
Sweatshirt 6 10
Pants 8 14
Skirt 8 14
Pleated Skirt 10 16
Shorts 4 7
Item Cleaning (Dry Clean or Laundry) Pressing Only      
Jacket 13 23
2 Pce Suit 18 29
Vest 7 12
Women’s Suit 18 29
Coat 18 35
Pullover 10 25
Cardigan 9 18
Tie 5 8
Leather –  Suede Jacket 75 150
Item Cleaning (Dry Clean or Laundry) Pressing Only      
Abaya 15 25
Dress 20 30
Soiree Dress 30 70
Wedding Dress 90 180
Item Cleaning (Dry Clean or Laundry) Pressing Only       
Child Top 4 6
Child bottom 4 6
Child Suit 9 18
Child dress 9 18
Item Cleaning (Dry Clean or Laundry) Pressing Only       
PJ Set 12 18
Robe 12 18
Shawl 10 20
Scarf – Head scarf 5 10
Underwears 5
Item Cleaning (Dry Clean or Laundry) Pressing Only       
Pillow case 4 8
Bed Sheet 10 20
Duvet cover 45
Duvet cover (Ostritch feathers) 55
Blanket (Single) 40
Blanket (Double) 45
Face Towel 9
Bath Towel 18
Table Cloth 10 40
Curtains (by type) Call us
Carpets (by type) Call us

Questions & Answers

Yes you can. You may request a personal pick up & delivery through our mobile app (download app) or call us on 012-12121257.
We have different delivery options; you can choose your preferred delivery date starting 24 hours from pickup. An express option is available if necessary but extra charges will apply.
To send us your laundry items we offer you two custom bags. One bag is labeled “Ironing” all clothes you place in this bag will be ironed only. The other is labeled “Cleaning”, all clothes you place in this bag will be cleaned and ironed. Our experienced fabric specialists will decide if a particular garment should be washed, hand washed or dry-cleaned.
If you are a first time customer, you don’t need to put your laundry in Laundry bags. /just place your laundry in any plastic bag, and indicate whether you want them ironed or cleaned and leave the rest to us! Upon your second laundry request, we are going to provide you with your custom laundry bags.
Don’t worry about that, The application is our backbone and we took all the necessary precautions to avoid any technical errors. However, in the rare event that the system is down, you can still call us on 012- 12121257 for any enquiry or request.
When you download the App, you will find a tab for general preferences, which are saved for all your upcoming orders. This is where you tell us whether you prefer your clothes to be delivered folded or hanged
In the meantime we are using cash, which will be reflected on your account as Credit for utmost convenience. Or you may choose to use cash on delivery.
In-app credit is an option that can make your life easier by charging your account every period and the system automatically withdraws the required amount after delivering your items.
No you don’t. You can make your order and your credit will be –ve until you pay upon receiving your clothes.
No problem, you can contact us on 012-12121257 and we will send our representative to receive these items
We’d love to help with that and give back to our community; we can collect the extra handers and plastic bags to recycle them on your behalf. Please put them in your locker or hand them to our representative when receiving your clothes.
If during our inspection phase we find a garment with significant damage, that garment will be separated from the rest of your laundry cycle and will be placed on hold until we contact you to get further instructions on whether to proceed with cleaning that particular garment or not. If we are unable to reach you in time, we will go ahead and process your garments with care. In the very rare event that the damage occurs in our facility, we will contact you to take responsibility for our mistake or you can contact us within 1 week to file your claim. Our policy if we damaged your garment is to pay 10 times the requested service for this item and 15 times for lost items.
Sure you can if you are within our service zone, we continuously update our database with new compounds to reach our customers. Until your compound is added to our application please give us a call on 01212121257 and we will do our best to reach you.
Once you sign up to our application, expect a phone call from our representative to activate your account. If you don’t want to wait, please call us on 01212121257 to activate your account.

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